Beginning of a fundraiser event!

On March 11, 2011, I was staying at Hilton Hotel in Honolulu, to celebrate my grandmother’s 88th birthday. We were happy, celebrating her longevity, her good health despite her age, and were having a great time together.

While having dinner at Bubba Gump restaurant, I received a call from my friends in Japan. I was told that a 9.o magnitude earthquake had just hit Japan 10 minutes earlier, the largest earthquake recorded in Japanese history. At that time, tsunami warning was issued in Japan, and my friend, told me that it would likely hit Hawaii as well, and urged me to go to higher grounds.

The severity of this quake did not hit me until about 45 minutes later when we returned to the hotel and turned on the news to see if Hawaii would be hit with tsunami. At that time, the 124 foot tsunami was literally sweeping across north-eastern part of Japan and all we could do was to watch the screen, with our tears running down our cheaks, praying for survivors.

As we sat in horror and watched people run and drive for their lives, the tsunami warning began to sound in Hawaii. The hotel was advising the guests to get to higher floors, Waikiki was shut down, helicopters were urging people to leave the beach. The tsunami was to hit Honolulu at 3am, but luckily, it did not. It did hit neighbor islands (Hawaii island and Kauai island), but no death or injuries were reported.

The very next day, I knew that I wanted to  organized a fundraising event. I not only wanted to, but needed to. I began planning, talking to Frolic, and was told that Ji Nirvana also were planning and wanted to do something about it. We got together and decided to work together.

The first thing we wanted to do, was to apply for approval from organizations to use their name and logo, to make it an official event.

We contacted several organizations, ones that allready were providing assistance to Japan. Unfortunately, the word “Second Life”, “Online Virtual World”, were a new concept to many, and we were faced with the reality that not many would accept our fundraising proposal.

However, we were finally able to receive an approval from AmeriCares, an organization which provides medical assistance, to officially use their name and logo for our event!

We are looking forward to work with AmeriCares, to raise awareness and funds, as much as possible, to make this event successful!


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