~Opening of JRF on 5/14~

Many people asked me: “How was the opening?”

Well, I can tell you that it sure was an opening we will never forget!
Anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong.
Some stayed calm, some were a bit more stressed, and some, were simply laughing and supported us by saying: “Wouldn’t be an event without the drama”.

And you are absolutely right!

Though we had a rocky start with stream issues, a sim that could not be accessed by non group members, and we could not restart the sim either, but had to contact Linden Lab to do so, and with 1 hour delay in opening the event, it has so far been a great success!

As of today, 5/16 (Mond) at 6:30pm SLT, we have raised L$494,317 ($1,977)!!!!!

All I can say, is THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!

A charity event, or any event for that matter, can not be successful by its own. It is a close collaboration by everyone involved, and with one goal only:

To support. For this charity, we all want to support Japan.

Every day, I am amazed to see how many comes to JRF to support the Japanese people, without any second though, without any hesitation, just with a genuine compassion to fellow humans.

The sim is never full to the point of you can not enter or not being able to walk. No, it is constantly visited by people. Whether you are there for shopping or just to check out the sim, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The main sim was designed and built by Setsuna Inifinity (BOSL Award 2011 nominee) and Sora Tatham (CEO of Agata Models Agency & MVW 2010 First Runner Up).

The sim is based on Sendai city, which was the city hit the hardest by the earthquake and tsunami on 3/11/11. Each corner is filled with details, the booths, the streets, trees.

On one end of the sim, you will find cherry trees and an odd looking building. This was built by Setsuna Inifinity, who is a RL architect, with the wish to protect the city from future tsunami.

Please visit the main sim as it is an amazing build where Setsuna and Sora spent hours and hours building.

The entertainment sim was designed and build by Kere Delcon, another amazing builder. It is a gorgeous Asian sim which looks gorgeous in sunset and definetely worth a TP.

Thank you everyone for your support!
I will never forget this amazing experience!

Serene Faith
Miss Virtual World 2011


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