4. Donations










August 5, 2011:

Sold Linden Dollars and transferred to Paypal

July 26-August 6, 2011:

June 26-July 25, 2011:

June 6-June 20, 2011:

May 28 – June 5, 2011:

May 22-May 27, 2011:

May 21, 2011:

May 20, 2011:

May 19, 2011:

May 18, 2011:

May 17, 2011:

May 16, 2011:

May 15, 2011:

First of all, thank you to EVERYONE who has supported Japan Relief Fundraiser!
From creators to shoppers, builders to providers, the outcome of this event is AMAZING!

Below, you will find screen copies of Transaction History for SLCharityFundraising account.
This account is the charity account and all donations and proceeds has been deposited to this avatar.
It is all Credit and NOTHING has been Debited. Not until we will make the donation to AmeriCares:)

The very first credit to the account was made on April 15 and you will see the record from that date.

Thank you for your amazing generosity and heartfelt support!
We have only begun!!!!


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