6. JRF Supporters

Japan Relief Fundraiser is truly grateful to everyone who have supported us.

We would like to introduce to you the team members and everyone who have supported JRF in one way or the other:

JRF Founders:
Ji Nirvana
Serene Faith

JRF Team Members:
Carilynn Ohare
Darling Tomorrow
Viola Rookswood
Lacie Beningborough
Kay Fairey
Mimmi Boa
Miaa Rebane
Rattis Neutron

JRF Builders:
Sora Tatham
Setsuna Infinity
Kere Delcon

JRF Scripts and Item Providers:
Zanara Zenovka
Toru Whitfield
Rian Jayaram

BOSL Radio
yzizm exonar

Other Supporters:
Temperence Kellman
Saleena Hax

The Best of SL Magazine
RADAR Magazine
AVENUE Magazine
BeStyle Magazine
Juuce Magazine
Pure Magazine
RGF Estates

And of course to all 61 creators (see Creator tab for a list of JRF creators) who joined JRF, as well as ALL the shoppers and visitors!!!!


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