Donation to AmeriCares

Another donation:) $288.34! Every little helps!!! Advertisements

Second transfer!

Hello everyone! First of all, my sincerest apologies for the long overdue blog entry. Today, I sold Linden $$ and transferred it over to my paypal, which we know takes about a week, and I will make our second donation to AmeriCares:) Thanks to amazing and generous creators and donors, we had L$77,355 and I … Continue reading

JRF First Donation to AmeriCares Completed!!!!

We have successfully made our first AmeriCares Donation!!!! The amount we were able to donate was $4,722.72!!!!! I would like to take this opportunity to truly convey my gratitude to each and every one of you who helped to make this possible. From organizers to generous creators, shoppers and donors, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The … Continue reading

First Linden Transfer to Paypal!

I am learning new things every day in SL and transferring money is one thing:) It’s one thing to transfer 1,000 Linden or 2,000 Linden, but to transfer L$1,267,088…. is an entirely different thing! I was so scared and terrified that the money raised by all the amazing creators and shoppers, support of Japan, would … Continue reading


It is truly with a great pleasure that I am announcing to you, that we have reached L$802,071 (USD $3,208) in donations!!!!!! This past few weeks has been an amazing experience and I have learned a lot! But one thing that I truly treasure, is that people are carying, generous, and wants to help the … Continue reading

~JRF Update~

We have 2 new amazing outfits in JRF! Left: Meiling-Couquette Ballerina Dress Right: Queen of Saba-L’amour des roses Both are available in the Collection Corner on JRF sim!!!! We have till Sunday and then the amazing sim will be gone!!!! So come on by, enjoy the build, enjoy the stores, enjoy the city:) Thank you … Continue reading

~Collection Corner~ @ JRF

We were approached by few creators who wanted to donate their item to JRF, new or old. We decided to create a small corner, Collection Corner, for mixed creators. We have so far items from DIRAM, Mi Gallery (gorgeous aquarium), and WYS (bathingsuits). Please stop by if you get a chance:)

One more week of JRF~!!!!

One week has passed since our memorable opening:) That means we have ONE MORE WEEK till we close JRF on Sunday, 5/29, at 2pm SLT. Till today, we have raised L$739,421!!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who have supported JRF!!!! We still have our auction ongoing, which is currently at L$37,000. It is a 2 … Continue reading

~Opening of JRF on 5/14~

Many people asked me: “How was the opening?” Well, I can tell you that it sure was an opening we will never forget! Anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Some stayed calm, some were a bit more stressed, and some, were simply laughing and supported us by saying: “Wouldn’t be an event … Continue reading


We have had a remarkable journey to open Japan Relief Fundraiser Charity but today, on the second day, we have raised L$410,094!!!!!!! This would have not been possible thanks to EVERYONE’s support, your generosity and heartfelt support for Japan! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

JRF Entertainment Sim

On Saturday, at 11:30am, we will have a pre-opening “ceremony” party:) This will be held at the JRF Entertainment sim, which was generously donated by my dear friend, Tak Kovacs, for us to use during these 2 weeks. The build was designed and build by Kere Delcon, whom you can see from this picture above, … Continue reading

~60 Creators~

We have an amazing 60 creators who have joined JRF!!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!! On Saturday, we will open JRF entertainment sim at 11:30 am SLT for a countdown opening “Ceremony” Party:) We will have ballet performance, live DJ and dance! Please stay tuned for LM:) Thank you everyone for your … Continue reading

ONE Auction at JRF!

What is Japan Relief Fundraising Charity? Well, you will find close to 60 SL content creators have their own “booth” providing their amazing creations for sale. ONE of those will be unique to JRF Charity ONLY. BUT!!!!!!! We will also have ONE auction. ONLY ONE! Yes, only one item will be auctioned but… I won’t … Continue reading

Almost 60 Creators!!!!!

We are less than one more week to go to opening our Japan Relief Fundraising charity event and we have close to 60 creators who have joined!!!! I am so amazed of the amazing generosity and kindness that I have been met with and I am filled with sooo much gratitude toward everyone!!!! Thank you … Continue reading

Almost One More Week!!!

Almost 2 months have passed from the devastating day of 3/11, , and amazing charities have been organized in SL. JRF will open in about 1 more week and we are very excited! Through this event, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with so many amazing people from all over the world, and I am … Continue reading

50 vendors joining JRF!

Every day for the last few weeks, my appreciation to the world have increased. We have now 50 AMAZING creators who have joined JRF and not only that, we have amazing sponsors, supporters and it just awes me how generous people are! On behalf of JRF, THANK YOU!

Thank you!

On behalf of JRF, I would like to say Thank You to all who are supporting this charity event!!! We have an amazing 44 creators who have joined JRF and it is still growing:) I am amazed of the generousity of all creators from all over the world! Thank you so much!

Creators joining JRF as of 4/15!

We have an amazing feedback and we already have creators joining the event! On behalf of JRF, I would like to thank everyone for your support!!!! Thank you so much!!! Creators: Morea Styles Angel Dessous Alienbear Jewelry Morgane Batista Poses Donna Flora Finesmith Jewelry ((Crystal line)) Lovely Mi DIRAM Agnes Finney’s My Precious BareRose Tokyo … Continue reading

3/11 Tsunami – 37.9 meters (124 feet)

Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami, it was released that 30-foot waves had consumed the north-eastern part of Japan. After research, they have now concluded that the waves were as high as 37.9 meters (124 feet) in several areas! We pray for the people of Japan, for their safety and quick recovery.

JRF Logo!

Ji has created a wonderful logo for JRF! Thank you Ji!

JRF Flickr Group

We now have JRF Flickr group! We will post JRF items in this group prior to the event:) Yay!

Beginning of a fundraiser event!

On March 11, 2011, I was staying at Hilton Hotel in Honolulu, to celebrate my grandmother’s 88th birthday. We were happy, celebrating her longevity, her good health despite her age, and were having a great time together. While having dinner at Bubba Gump restaurant, I received a call from my friends in Japan. I was … Continue reading