First Linden Transfer to Paypal!

I am learning new things every day in SL and transferring money is one thing:)

It’s one thing to transfer 1,000 Linden or 2,000 Linden, but to transfer L$1,267,088…. is an entirely different thing!
I was so scared and terrified that the money raised by all the amazing creators and shoppers, support of Japan, would dissipate into virtual nothing…
So, I made few trials from my personal “Serene Faith” account, selling lindens first, then sent to my Paypal account, to add to total donation to AmeriCares.

Yes, this is a way where I probably lose few dollars by doing so, but a necessary one since this is a brand new experience, and I did not want to make a mistake.
But I learned that though selling the Linden $ is not difficult at all, you simply sell it… transferring to Paypal almost took a week!
I had contacted Linden Lab, explaining what this avatar was for, and asked to increase SLCharityFundraising level so that I could transfer the whole amount.
So today, I finally took the courage and sold the proceeds from Japan Relief Fundraiser, a total of L$1,267,088 for a total of $4,721!!!


Then I transferred this amount to my Paypal:

Now, all we can do is wait for the money to arrive in my Paypal account where I will immediately will transfer 100% of it to AmeriCares.
I’m hoping it will not take 1 week for this to happen:(

For those of you who would like to donate to PayPal personally, you can use this email to do so from your PayPal:

I tried to do a test donation from my PayPal (again, I did not want to make a mistake), and it worked:)
I will post as soon as the funds gets transferred!

One Response to “First Linden Transfer to Paypal!”
  1. Carilynn says:

    YAY!!!!!! That is amazing, Sereneieeeeeeeeeee and I am so proud of you. How many times have I said that, but it is true. You make me smile – and I know that money will help many people in Japan!! WE ROCKED IT!! <3<3<3

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